Editing Pictures or Video

Making A Book Trailer

You may look at me and say there is no way I can make a book trailer.  Trust me, it’s easier than you think.  The hardest thing is finding the right pictures, and then getting permission to use them.  Every picture site can be different.  A lot of the free sites don’t care if you use their pictures, but always read the fine print.  Some photographers want credit, others just say they don’t want anything.  I always prefer to thank the person in print at the end of the book trailer for sharing their images.

Keeping up with everything  can become tedious. If you are like me and have a lot of images it’s best to save the name of the photographer, and the site on the thumbnail for later use.  Then, at the end of your video, you can thank anyone and everyone for their contribution.  Everyone likes to see their name on the big screen, even if it’s only a book trailer on u-tube.

My advise is pretty much the same when it comes to music. There are free sites that offer music, and some that charge a small or large fee.  Always read the fine print, and save any links or sites that you might possibly need in the future.


There are so many ways to make a book trailer or a family video.  I have personally used, Windows Movie Maker, and Wondershare DVD SlideShow Builder Deluxe.  You can also Google movie maker and find all kinds of results.  Again some are free, some not so free.

I bought Wondershare, a few yeas ago for close to eighty dollars. I just love it.  I’ve made about fifteen videos with it.  Some of them have been for the family, some have been promo videos for the new Hangout Networks show hosted by Jason Matthews & AC Cruz, called Indie Authors.

It’s simple and easy to use.  I’ll post links below to some of the videos I’ve made with theWondershare software. Also, let me say I am not being paid by them to advertise, and if you buy their product I don’t guarantee anything, nor do I receive anything, when, and if you purchase one of their many products.  I just really think it’s a very useful software. 

Full Hard drive ?

I will say that if you’re computer is like my older computer, and your hard drive is filled with thousands of pictures, this software will not work very well at all.  I thought the software was defective, and it didn’t use it much for about a year.  Then I got a new computer, moved the software to the new Lenovo, and was amazed at the difference.

It takes about fifteen to thirty minutes to make a short video. Right now I’m editing an hour long video and it’s about 44 percent.  I’m guessing it will be about another thirty minutes or close, until it’s done.

Known Bugs

I have one complaint. The upload button that is supposed to upload my videos directly to u-tube doesn’t seem to work. I’m not sure why.  I haven’t done much research but did learn others were having the same problem.

You can save your videos in all kinds of formats, and even post them straight to Facebook, which I’ve not done yet.  Today I’m bringing my thought to a close. I’ll get part two up in a few days with screen shots and more details on how the Wondershare software works.

My first Book Trailer  Street Justice Charlie’s Angel

Promo for Indie Authors Here

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Time Management

Time Management


Today’s post is about my nemesis, Time Management.  I’m learning more and more how important it is to have a schedule and that I need to stay on it.  Thursday I sat down and wrote out a new schedule for household duties and writing  assignments. This time I am going to do my best to follow the list, and try to cut down on wasted time.

One of my problems is that I don’t look at my writing as a true occupation.  I don’t devote enough time to actually sitting down and focusing on writing.  That can be hard to do when you are also running a household.  I may be up and down doing tasks like laundry, supper, or playing with the dogs, during my writing time.

Do any of us really treat our writing as a occupation, or do we just write when we can, putting it to the back burner more than we should.  Friday night we at Christian Indie Authors had our normal meeting. It starts at 9 p.m. Eastern in the chat room.  Author Pastor George took some great notes on time management if you’d like to take a peek here they are.

Back on topic, this week we talked about Time Management, and we even started a thread in the forums for members to post new goals they were setting.  It’s our job as friends and co-writers to also do the same, and check in and see how others are doing.

I really hope to change the way I look at writing.  Sure chores will need to be done, but instead of doing them while I’m writing, I will be setting time aside to write.  I will be doing the chores in the morning and since I like to write in the evenings will try to get everything done on my list for the day so I have my mind and thoughts free to work on my job, that job is being an author.

Though at the moment this new job of mine is not paying many bills, it is starting to add to the money I have to spend on groceries.  If I start following my schedule and start treating writing more like a business than just a fun past time, maybe things will get even better.

I know we all have different goals, and one of mine is to be able to make a living as being an Author.  But, if I don’t treat my occupation as just that, my occupation I don’t think I will get much farther than I am now.  That said, for me it’s time for a change, and that change may start with baby steps, but it will start and grow and my schedule will become second nature after a while. 

The schedule is written, the plan is laid out.  Now all I have to do is follow it.  What are your plans.  Are you like me just doing things when you think about it.  Maybe it’s time for you to write out a schedule or maybe you’re on one that’s really working and would like to share some thoughts.

I don’t normally ask for comments but today I’m going to.  Are you on a schedule, do you have a plan that works, or are you just happy with writing be a fun past time.  Can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say.

Till next time
Happy Writing
Samantha Fury

Hello Everyone!

I thought I would say a hello.  I’m Samantha Fury.  I write Mystery/Christian/romance.  I have a blog at blogger but I just loved the way word press looks so I thought I would give them a try.


Welcome to my new blog. I normally try to blog on Monday and Friday.  I blog about anything that crosses my mind.  Though most of it is related to novels, or book coves, or something writing related.  Welcome aboard!!


Samantha Fury, Author of the Street Justice Series